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About Us

House of Thaal brings the legacy of authentic Bohra cuisine to Bohris and Non-Bohris in Singapore. A confluence of Arabic, Middle Eastern and Gujarati cooking styles, the focus is on traditional recipes, techniques and ingredients.

Bohras live by the saying, many hands are a blessing, which is an encouragement to eat in company. In keeping with this philosophy, the meal is served in a large, round steel plate, called Thaal, which can accommodate eight people. The round shape of the Thaal holds significance too, as each person who sits around it, is equidistant from the food that is placed in the centre. Eating with one’s hands from a single plate, is similarly, symbolic of kinship and community.

A traditional Bohri meal begins with a few grains of salt which clears the gut and cleanses the palate. Unlike the conventional pattern of eating, Bohri meals start with dessert (Mithaas) such as Malidu, Lachchko, Kalamra, or Halwa followed by savouries (Kharaas) which is usually fried – Chicken Drumsticks, Russian Cutlets, Kheema Samosas, Shami Kebab.


This pattern of Mithaas and Khaaras continues for a couple of rounds until the main course, which is almost always an elaborate meat dish – Smoked Tandoori Raan (Raan Masala), Nalli Nihari, Kaju Chicken….


The last dish of a Bohri thaal is always a rice preparation – Bohri Dum Biryani, Daal-Gosht, Kari Chawal, Dal Chawal Palidu, Masoor Pulav etc.

Finally, the meal ends with pinch of salt and a mouth freshener.

House of Thaal brings you a carefully curated selection of this exclusive, recherché cuisine.

Our food is more than authentic dishes - it is a gastronomical odyssey into the heritage and traditions of a unique culture.

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