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Entrepreneur, restauranteur, food connoisseur …Adnan dons several hats with great aplomb. He is known for his business acumen, customer focus and proven track record of developing and scaling up sustainable revenue streams. He has been a key strategist in expanding Food Stack Concepts into a multi-cuisine, multi-concept F&B conglomerate. An avid foodie, Adnan loves trying out new cuisines and introducing people to new flavours. Having grown up with Bohri food and culture, he wanted to shine a spotlight on this distinctive cuisine, its rich heritage and unique flavours. Every dish on the House of Thaal menu reflects his minute attention to detail, ensuring authenticity of flavour and promising an unparalleled experience. 

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Fatema’s greatest joy and biggest satisfaction is in feeding people, food being her way of enjoying, sharing and giving nourishment. Prior to joining the House of Thaal team, Fatema was a highly sought-after home chef, specialising in Bohra Cuisine. She now helms the House of Thaal brand, bringing a wealth of traditional recipes and techniques that have been in her family for generations, to her cooking. From the delicately fragrant Bohri biryani, the rich and decadent raan é yaqoot – (whole shoulder of lamb marinated with spices and slow cooked in a rich red gravy) to the popular starters - smoked kheema samosas, kulfi kebabs and mouth-watering desserts such as doodhi halwa, malida and mawa samosa, Fatema loves dishing up and serving original Bohri food in all its goodness.

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Branding & Communications 

A journalist by training and a creative director/producer by profession, Prajakta’s foray into F&B was quite fortuitous. As curator and custodian for both b2b and b2c brands that make up the fast growing Food Stack Concepts portfolio, she ensures that each of the brands is well represented, provides excellent value to its consumers, and continues to grow. What she enjoys the most, though, is conceptualising brand identities, planning events and product launches, and creating meaningful customer experiences.



Passionate and driven, with over 20 years of experience in various fields including finance, procurement and F&B supply chain management, Manoj brings a wealth of experience to Food Stack Concepts. His strengths include successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs whilst increasing performance, all within tight time scales and budgetary controls. But he is also very creative and enjoys and excels at creating & concepting events from design & décor to logistics & execution as well as designing and developing bespoke menus. He is a beacon of inspiration with his exemplary work ethic and dedication, soaking up the details and ensuring every event is flawlessly organised – both front of house and behind the scenes – and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get into the thick of things.

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General Manager

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