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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cuisine does House of Thaal provide?

House of Thaal offers a tantalising medley of Indian, Arabic and Middle Eastern fusion cuisine. We also offer a delicious array of vegetarian dishes from across India.

Where is my food prepared?

House of Thaal operates out of a Central Kitchen. Our food and ingredients are sourced from Halal certified suppliers.  All our food preparation and packaging is carried out according to the highest standards.

Is the food Halal?

We are currently working towards a Halal certification. However, all our ingredients are sourced from Halal certified suppliers.

Is there any minimum order?

Yes. There is a minimum order of 100$ for individual orders.

What do I get in a Thaal?

The Thaal consists of 1 Kharaas, 1 Mithaas, 1 Mains and 1 Rice. You can choose 1 item from each of these categories in the menu or you can opt for a Chef curated Thaal.

Can I choose a Kharaas from the Specials?

Specials are not part of the Thaal however, you can order them separately in additional to your Thaal.

Do you accept Cash on Delivery?

All payments must be made via our online platform or pay now.

Do I need to pay delivery charges?

Yes. Deliveries are fulfilled by an external delivery service so you will need to pay the delivery charges or you can arrange for self-pick-up.

Is the food made fresh?

Yes, the food is cooked fresh.

What is difference between fresh and frozen foods?

Fresh food is ready to eat. Frozen products need to be thawed and reheated before serving.

What is the procedure for reheating frozen food?

Instructions for reheating frozen foods are indicated on the packaging.

Do you use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in your food?

No. House of Thaal does not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Our food is free from MSG.

If you have any more questions, you can write to us at -

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